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    Brother Island’s

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    The Brother Islands are a pair of two remote, tiny islands, 33 miles NN East from El Quseir.They represent not only one of the best dive sites in the Red Sea, they are also considered to be among the best in the world.The Brothers, in Arabic El Akawein, are the exposed tips of two massive reef pillars, rising from the depth.
    Big Brother lies about half a mile north of Little Brother.The teaming breathtaking underwater scenery stands in extreme contrast to the bare rocks of the island.The journey to the islands takes 8 hours from the main land.Due to the far off shore and exposed location rough seas and strong winds are encountered at most times.Only well equipped safari boats with a special permission are allowed to visit the Brothers.Once you mastered the rough journey incredible diving is rewarding you.
    Sheer vertical walls with absolute fantastic coral growth, soft corals, gorgonians, black corals and rich fish life are present everywhere.The variety of fish species is more than impressive. Large schools of pelagics, such as jacks and snappers, turtles, white-tip reef sharks, gray reef sharks and hammerheads cruise along the drop-offs.Two ship wrecks, the Aida and the so-called Railway Wreck rest on the slops of Big Brother.They are completely covered with soft corals and are full of life.
    Divers visiting the Brother Islands should be experienced. Only during a short period of the year the sea is calm, otherwise high waves, strong winds and currents are prevailing.

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    In Hurghada both beginners as well as experienced divers will find plenty of diving sites from a favourite sandy bottom with shifting white sand dunes to dramatic, steep outer reefs to the legendary wrecks in the Straits of Gubal. Note that Divers’ Land Hurghada is a member of the environmental organisation HEPCA (Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association).
    Hurghada’s northern top reefs are situated just in front of our diving center. Favourite sites like Abu Galawa, Abu Nugar, Sha’ab El Erg (Dolphin House), Um Gamar and Carless Reef are reached within 25 to 60 minutes boat ride. There are only very few other dive centers which go to the same places at the same time. Sometimes the Divers’ Land boats are even the only ones at the site. There are over 30 different dive sites and, apart from a very few exceptions, they are just as good for snorkelling because the reefs come high towards the surface. Wreck dives to sites like the legendary Thistlegorm and to the ship ‘graveyard’ Abu Nuhas (with wrecks such as Giannis D., Carnatic, Kimon Ml, Chrisoula K.) are organised as day trips (early morning
    departure) and also as live-aboard multi-day safaris.
    Nowadays the wrecks have become fantastic artificial reefs offering a home to countless species of fish.
    The above-mentioned wrecks are all situated in diver-friendly depths of 15-30 metres. In many cases one can safely dive into the wrecks themselves. There are two other wrecks, which can be reached on a normal day trip. One is the minesweeper ship (sunk by Israeli fighter bombers in 1970), the other is the Excalibur (a dive safari boat which sunk in 1995). Both are situated in the Hurghada harbour area.


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    Masra Alam

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    The area around Marsa Alam is rated as one of the best diving destinations in the world and as one of the few diving areas in the Red Sea that’s not overcrowded and still totally unspoiled.
    There is something here for everyone, gently sloping dives from the beach, trips by jeep to more remote bays or trips by boat to legendary reefs such as Elphinstone, Abu Dabbab and Samadai Reef (Dolphin House).
    The house reef which drops down fast and steeply, has everything experienced divers could wish for.
    We also offer further trips by car to more remote bays or by boat to the top spots at the countless reefs.
    The walls of the famous Elphinstone Reef (Oceanic white-tip sharks), the lush
    soft corals, colorful sponges, huge gorgonian fans, cast their spell over everyone. Abu Dabbab (Swim through’s and caves)
    and Samadai Reef (large schools of dolphins) are further highlights.

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    Dahab lies alongside the deepest section of the African rift, the giant crack in the earth’s crust that formed the Red Sea.
    The jagged mountains above, continue at much the same angle underwater, forming a dramatic seascape of valleys, canyons and caves. Most of Dahab’s dive-spots are geologically unique.

    Two dive-sites, the Canyon and the Blue Hole, are worldwide known amongst divers. Sport divers are allowed to explore the two sites to a maximum depth of 30m.
    To dive the deeper section of these fascinating formations one has to be a TEC-diver, using special gas-mixtures. Several dive-operators in Dahab offer TEC-courses and diving.
    Diving in Dahab is shore-diving. With a few exceptions you simply drive along the shore by jeep or pick-up truck, gear up at the beach and start your dive. When entering the water one has to be careful, especially with high waves and during low tide.
    The most northern dive-site is “The Bell” and in the south “The Caves”. Ras Abu Galum and Gabr El Bint can only be reached by camel. Some dive-operators offer one- and two-day camel-divesafari.
    Our new dive boat, the Ghazala VI is available to reach the dive sites further south.
    Flora and Fauna: Due to the slightly colder water, coral growth is quite different than in Sharm El Sheikh. The dominant species are Acropora, Brain- and Stonecoral, Leather- and Blackcoral. Only occasionally you will come across Softcorals.
    Fishlife is represented by the typical Red Sea Reefdwellers, Trigger- and Surgeonfish, all kind of Groupers, Emperor- and Parrotfish. With some luck you can observe Pelagius, such as Jackfish, Barracudas or even a Reefshark.



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    100 € ( 1 Hour ) – 170 € ( 2 Hours )- Max ( 6 Pax ) .

    Experience the fun and excitement  tour  with your family and friends in our high speed thrill boat ride enjoyed by all ages and we are the leader in dolphin sightings! View these beautiful and intelligent mammals as they travel in pods and watch them jumping  or just playing amongst themselves.

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    Glass Boat

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    25 € Per Pax       (Ch. 10€)

    At first glance it looks like a submarine well step aboard for a truly marvelous insight into the underwater world around Sharm El Sheikh. A 1 hour trip aboard a purpose built boat that has a glass bottom that enables you to marvel at the amazing colours of the coral reef.

    You travel over the top of the reef, watching all the different types of fish in their natural surroundings, more colourful than the rainbow! Watch the divers practing their underwater techniques surrounded by the fish. A truly marvelous experience.

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    Water Ski -Wake board

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    Water skiing is a sport/game and recreational activity and is popular in many countries around the world where appropriate conditions exist- an expanse of water unaffected by wave motion. Rivers, Lakes and sheltered bays are all popular for water skiing. In this kind of water sport an individual is pulled behind a boat or a cable ski installation over a body of water, skimming the surface. The sport requires exceptional upper and lower body strength, as well as good balance and muscular endurance.

    Standard water skis were originally made of wood but now are usually constructed out of fiberglass-based composites. They are of similar length to downhill snow skis but are somewhat wider. Instead of a rigid binding, they have rubber molded binding, in which the skier’s feet are placed. Skiers are pulled along by a rope with a handle fitted at end and attached to to a powerboat at the other.

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    20 €  Per Hour

    Kayak is a small, relatively narrow, human-powered boat primarily designed to be manually propelled by means of a double blade paddle. The traditional kayak has a covered deck and one or more cockpits, each seating one paddler. Their cockpit is sometimes covered by a spraydeck ( or “skirt” ) that prevents the entry of water from waves or spray and makes is possible for suitably skilled kayakers, to roll the kayak, that is, to capsize and right it without it filling with water or ejecting the paddler. Man sitting with legs covered in boat that tapers to a point at each end holding long, pointed, wooden pole inuit seal hunter in a kayak, armed with a harpoon. Some modern boats vary considerably from a traditional design but still claim the title ‘kayak’, for instance in eliminating the cockpit by seating the paddler on top of the boat(“sit-on-top”kayak) having inflated air chambers surrounding the boat, replacing the single hull by twin hulls (“W”kayak), and replacing paddles with other human powered propulsion methods, such as foot-powered rotational propellers and ‘flippers’. Kayaks are also being sailed, as well as propelled by means od small electric motors, and even by outboard gas engines, when possible. The kayak was first make and used by the native Ainu, Aleut and Eskimo hunters in sub-Arctic regions of northeastern Asia, North America and Greenland


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    Tiger Lily

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    On the lower deck we have eight double rooms. These are designed for your comfort. Each room is equipped with air-conditioning, a refrigerator, television and spacious closets. The televisions are connected to the VCR in the lounge. Each room has its own private bathroom with shower. You can also open our user-friendly portholes in the cabins, which provide a spectacular view of the sea, all from the comfort of your own room.

    On the upper deck we have two large and cozy suites. Each suite has a king size bed, spacious closets and private bathrooms with showers. As in the lower cabins, the large windows in the suites provide an extraordinary and relaxing view, while Lily elegantly glides through the water.

    The Dining Area…

    Our dining area is spacious and comfortable so you can easily enjoy your meals prepared by our creative cook and served by our trained staff.

    Our kitchen is fully stocked to provide you with a variety of foods during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    The cook is fully trained and experienced in presenting a variety of delicious meals and desserts, and we are sure that you will enjoy our mélange of culinary delights.

    If at any time you desire a snack or a drink, please do not hesitate to ask our crew who will provide you with fast and friendly service.

    In order to get the full benefit from this diving trip, meals will be worked around the diving schedule as will be discussed by our master.

    The bridge view ……

    Our bridge is highly equipped with state-of-the-art navigation equipment. On board, Lily has a radio, radar and global positioning system (GPS) with chart plotter. There is also an echo sounder and radio for are as one and two.

    We also have a monitoring camera in the diving area as well as the engine room.

    The captain is highly trained and experienced. He has been sailing the red sea for a very long time.

    As we say on board, our captain is “the son of the sea”.

    Technical specifications…..

    Length:       32 mts STEEL HULL

    Beam:          7.6 mts .  20 ( 8 x twin staterooms-fully air conditioned with rooms )

    Toilets/showers:       each cabin has a private shower/WC

    Water:    10 tones + 2 x desalination plant

    Crew :       7 + dive master


    Fire alarm:       smoke and heat detectors

    Generators:      2 x 80 KW silenced (220 volts available)

    Air conditioning:      YES – throughout salon and cabins

    Engines:              800 HP x 2

    Speed:               13 knots

    Compressors:      2 air compressors + nitrox compressor

    Rental equipment:     available from associated dive center

    Dive tanks:         12 LT tanks + belts and weights supplied (15LT available for rent)


Used the diving school to complete my PADI diving certificate, excellent price and the tuition was fantastic


Я и моя сестра погружались около о. Тиран. Путешествие было восхитительным. Очень внимательный персонал, особенно дайверы Надир и Меду.


В декабре 2014 г. погружались с инструкторами divers land. Впечатления остались только положительные