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The Red Sea has the closest coral Reef to Europe, and is among the Top dive locations of the world, with its warm crystal clear water and its diversity of life, different coral and over a thousand species of fish living and feeding amongst it. 
The South Sinai area is among the best places for beginners and experienced divers alike, with sheltered dives in local sites and the more adventurous Ras Mohamed, Straits of Tiran and Dahab dive sites not to mention the word famous world war two ship wreck S.S Thistlegorm.

It is also home to big pelagic creatures that cruise past on a regular basis. Creatures such as whale sharks, hammerheads, leopard, guitar, white tip Oceanic, black tip Oceanic, grey reef, white tip reef and tiger sharks, turtles, blue spotted, feather tail, eagle and manta rays and several types of dolphins are regularly spotted by our clients and guides. Unfortunately these creatures are very shy. It is alleged that for every one we see ten of them have seen us first!

Divers Land can arrange to pick you up from the airport and when you want to start diving we will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you straight to your boat or training facility to commence diving or training.

All guides and Instructors are English speaking and handpicked for their ability in effective teaching of SCUBA diving and extensive knowledge of the dive sites and marine life in the South Sinai area which include reef, wall, night, boat, drift, shore and wreck diving.

One of the policies that our guests appreciate is that we have a maximum rule of six divers per group, so not to overcrowd you on your dive. This will make your diving far more pleasant and enjoyable.

We will make up bigger groups at a group's request. We are here to provide a personal service for our guests so we are flexible as we can possibly be.

There are many dive sites to choose from and South Sinai has six main Areas.